Day Pass - $20

Field admission includes all-day air, so you can just fill up on High Pressure Air or CO2 as often as you need!




Rental Package - $40

Don't have gear of your own? Don't sweat it! We've got you covered with our all-inclusive rental package, which includes the marker, hopper, mask, HPA Tank, AND the same all day air pass as above!

* All rentals require photo ID.


Standard Paint Premium Paint
200 Rounds  $10.00  N/A
300 Rounds  $15.00  N/A
500 Rounds  $25.00  $30.00
2000 Rounds  $70.00  $80.00


Smoke Grenades $8
Frag Grenades $12
Barrel Sleeve $5
Coveralls $8
Squeege $3
Batteries (1x9v or 4xAA)  $5